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This part of the Golf4 page is for tips from the net. I will put tuning and styling tips on this page. Ideas of my own and you can also e-mail me with your tip, ideas etc.


Tunning tip from Jim Jones:

Re Golf 4 info, I have just had my 1.8t modified and the results were unbelievable, they changed the air filter rear box and a tube which flows the compressed air through the intercooler and also the chip. The output has gone from 150 too 193 BHP. It now feels as quick as my old VR6, maybe even quicker. Fuel consumption has not altered I still average 30 plus but enjoyment value has increased dramatically and the best part, only 600.  supplied and fitted.

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I'm am going to get a new Golf soon and I wanted to get some more power out
of it.  What do you suggest Garrett or Neuspeed chip?  I also wanted to get
new wheels.  I'm thinking about 17", but I hear if I don't get the right
size, it'll mess up my odometer and speedometer readings.  I only want to do
minor mods because I like how the golf looks (except the wheels) but if you
have any other suggestions to boost the bhp, I would like to hear them. 
I somone has any comment on this, you can mail it to me.

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Links to volkswagen tunnig companies can be found on the tuners section

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